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brovanture cloud

Brovanture Cloud is a flexible hosting platform for Oracle EPM applications, which over time, has evolved into more than other traditional EPM hosting solutions. Here are some of the services we offer: 

  • flexible Oracle EPM hosting
  • hybrid Oracle EPM hosting
  • on-premise-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud integration: ETL and automation
  • secure Oracle SaaS backups
  • hosting of archived or de-commissioned environments.
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are you ready?

We love the Oracle EPM Cloud, but not everyone's ready for the full Oracle SaaS Cloud just yet. Maybe you have multiple application and don't want to consolidate them into one EPM Cloud pod? Perhaps FCCS hasn't yet got all of the functionality you're using in HFM? Or maybe you're happy with the investment you've already made with your on-premise licenses?

If this is you, then you can still benefit from a cloud platform by moving to Brovanture Cloud.

We can hosting one of your environments whilst the other resides in your data-centre (Production, Development, DR, Sandpit) or host your on-premise applications in a secure Cloud environment so they can easily interface with your Oracle SaaS applications (PBCS, FCCS, EPBCS, etc.).

Brovanture Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud


Brovanture Cloud is used by many of our customers, across a variety of verticals.  We're also G-Cloud 9 Certified, so our infrastructure, applications and services conform to the highest standards.

  • ISO 27001 - information security
  • ISO 9001 - quality management
  • PCI DSS - data security
  • PAS 2060 & ISO 14001 - carbon neutrality
  • G-Cloud 8 Certified (government approved, public sector supplier).

With Brovanture Cloud, you have peace of mind with network guarantee - an industry-leading SLA with100% uptime. In addition, it offers unprecedented security - it has a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall, ISO-accredited, ultra-safe UK data centres, and a combination of VPN and SSL access ensures that your data is safe and secure!


We can help remove the challenges of synchronising and moving your data from your on-premise EPM or ERP environment, to Oracle PBCS/FCCS and reduce administrative burden through automation.

PBCS and FCCS have great data management tools but they lack the powerful customisation and drill-back that tools like FDMEE expose or the meta-data management capabilities of tools like DRM.

The movement of your data and metadata can then be easily automated to reduce the time spent on data-wrangling and admin activities all in a secure and flexible platform.

Brovanture Cloud leverages the power of existing Oracle technology to connect your data sources to your EPM Cloud Service. We can interface directly to PBCS, EPBCS and FCCS from the many data sources including EBS, JDE, NetSuite, Peoplesoft, SAP and more custom solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics, file, SQL Server, Oracle DB, etc.).

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Brovanture Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud

secure backups

The Oracle EPM Cloud will backup your data on a nightly basis and allow you to restore from the previous night but what if you need to restore from another point in time?

Well, you can’t unless you've backed it up elsewhere. Here Lydia explains how this can be done. The Brovanture Cloud provides a secure, flexible place to keep a rolling backup of your applications going back days, weeks or months.

We can also archive your application Snapshots which are automatically deleted from the Oracle Cloud after 60 days.


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