business management 

NetSuite ERP is the world's most deployed Cloud solution, with more than 40,000 organisations across 160+ countries.  

It helps your employees do their jobs more efficiently by consolidating the use of disparate systems, removing isolated spreadsheets and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions. 


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key features

NetSuite ERP provides you with one single solution that manages all of your back-office functions. Click the below to find out more:


NetSuite ERP is the complete operational backbone to your growing organisation, integrating all business management functions and providing you with real-time capabilities and the ability to see what's going on as it happens.

  • one integrated business solution, bringing together all back-office functions
  • from server to Cloud, desktop to mobile, it's accessible at any time, from anywhere
  • rapidly scale-up to meet organisational growth
  • increase business efficiency and productivity
  • easy to use, for all! 

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On the advice of its finance director, who saw NetSuite’s agility and scalability in a previous role, Deliveroo quickly selected NetSuite for its financial consolidation, local tax compliance, integration capabilities and rapid implementation.

As a fast-growth company, its existing software system couldn’t handle its requirements for managing subsidiaries and global financial consolidation. As it expanded from four countries to twelve, it needed financial software that could scale with it. 


NetSuite & EPM

The Brovanture NetSuite-EPM Cloud integrator is simple to implement and ultra-flexible, allowing you to load data seamlessly from NetSuite to the EPM Cloud at the push of a button.  The integration can be fully automated using your existing NetSuite scheduler, and built using native SuiteScript 2.0 APIs, it requires no expensive 3rd party ETL tools.  

It extracts data based upon NetSuite Saved Searches (any NetSuite user with basic knowledge can define the extract), and uses your existing EPM Cloud data management for mapping data, providing you with full drill-through capability from EPM Cloud back to NetSuite journals!