how we implement

Irrespective of the software we deliver, there are two paths for implementation - either a fixed fee option or an approach based on time & materials.

No matter which path you take, each is bound by Oracle’s Certified project methodology 'Oracle Unified Method', which means you can be assured that your project is delivered based on decades of implementations and best practice knowledge. Coupled with our own prepare2plan engagement process, your project will be managed with common-sense, flexibility and personalisation just for you.

Which one is right for me?

Implementation - fixed fee


Prepare2plan is our fixed-fee option typically applies when:

  • the scope and objectives of the project is clearly defined from the outset
  • the requirements are clear and are unlikely to change
  • there's no (or maybe just a little)* need for flexibility in scope and deliverables for the duration of the project
  • costs are known up front – budgeting is straightforward.

*We know that people change their minds part way through projects and that’s OK! Change is always managed in an appropriate fashion as per our standard project governance processes.

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time & materials

The main benefit of a time & materials approach is the flexibility.

You may not be precisely clear on which benefits you wish to enjoy from the software being delivered, after all there are lots of them. We can scope at a high level, but based on an interactive, modelling approach, functions may be added or removed as per your changing perspective.

Our experienced consultants will advise you all the way and you can be assured the solution will be geared to your exact needs.  As functionality is added or removed, the plan and costs will flex accordingly. All change is managed, communicated and agreed as per the agreed project governance process.