PBCS for the media

The media and entertainment industry is a showcase of both challenges and opportunities. Whether you're a publication house, music company or broadcaster, the way in which we consume media has changed dramatically over the last decade.  In today's digital age, the on-demand audience call the shots more than ever before and as a result, your business model and the economics of the industry are changing...

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We’re entrused by organisations such as Channel 4 Television and Virgin Media to implement Cloud planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions to convert existing spreadsheet processes into one single platform.

as well as completing our final implementation, end users are happy, the system is stable and accurate, and has 100% uptime - Channel 4

Total UK communications revenues stand just over £56 billion!

More time is spent using media and communications than sleeping.

15 million UK internet users have undertaken a ‘digital detox’.

Instant messaging has become more popular, at the expense of SMS and email.

Technical innovation continues to improve network connectivity and performance.

what does this mean?

New content formats, new devices, new media consumption, new revenue models. Understanding your end-user is a key to success, and the biggest challenge is to drive innovation quickly, identifying new business opportunities while increasing cost efficiency and adhering to the complexities of regulations across international territories. Implementing PBCS can help you with...

Overcoming the industry disruption and run multiple 'what if' plans based on the changing market conditions.

Gaining control of your revenue and expense planning - flexibly manage financial plans, budgets and forecasts at an operating, department and cost centre level.

Quickly react and plan for the next generation of new consumer services that require spectrum, including 5G networks, the connected car, and smart grids.

Provide supportive growth - the traditional revenue stream growth is slowing and new models are emerging.

Gain complete understanding and control, disseminating meaning from the expansion of data that’s now passing through your department.


Over the next few years we will hear a lot about ‘next generation services’ as an increasing number of the things that we use to support our lives go online. PBCS provides the tools and analysis capabilities to help you make the right decisions faster, helping you maximise corporate value whilst continuously managing financial risk.

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With our fixed-fee approach to implementation, you’ll pay a set price, regardless of how much time and expense incurred on our part. 

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A more collaborative and agile approach, our t&m approach provides you with more freedom to change the specifications and billed by the hour with expenses.

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