Oh, but I thought...?

5 Myths of Oracle Cloud

Author: George Pilling

In talking to those of you who are looking to move to the Cloud, or thinking about implementing Oracle PBCS, I do hear a number of comments that start with "oh but i thought..." when it comes to Oracle Cloud.  There are a lot of myths out there, so I thought i'd dispel the more common ones for you...


1. The Myth of Cloud Security

It’s not unreasonable to have security concerns in this day and age. It’s no surprise therefore that one of the biggest myths of Cloud is it's unsafe. Oracle leverages a multi-layered security protection around all Cloud solutions, putting in place dedicated firewalls, advanced encryption and password protection adhering to the highest standard.


2. The Myth of Price

The perception is that Oracle software is costly and requires significant upfront expenditure. Whilst this maybe the case for on–premise, Oracle Cloud requires no CAPEX investment and works on economical subscription based model, allowing for ease of scalability.


3. The Myth of Data integration

Oracle only works on Oracle’ is a commonly mistaken phrase.  Oracle Cloud is completely system agnostic with a built in ETL tool for easy data integration and more detailed business visibility.


4. The Myth of Microsoft Office

The beauty of Cloud is that is runs through the internet; however this raises another great myth – Oracle does not integrate with Microsoft Office. Oracle is completely embedded with all Microsoft Office technologies, for ease of use and ease of reporting.


5. The Myth that Oracle is not 'true' Cloud

The perception that Oracle ‘were late to the cloud’ has led way to the myth that their Cloud solutions are hybrid solutions and not true Cloud. Untrue. Oracle invests $4.5 billion each year in R&D to develop their market leading Cloud solutions.


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