Branding your PBCS

Branding your PBCS - Simplified Interface

Author: Mike Falconer, August 2016


Branding the Simplified Interface is a powerful and useful new PBCS feature, which can really help potential customers identify with the product and also allow current customers to add their own distinct flair to their system.

You can see the results in the before and after screenshots above, the difference in appearance can make a real instant impact, and might be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

The Branding options are found under Settings > Appearance. You have four main options:


Base Colour

This is the main colour scheme for the text and buttons within the system. Try all of them to find the one that suits your branding best. Our recommendation is usually to use a white text scheme, because this gives a cleaner and more consistent look throughout the application. As most of the options give you white text, this also gives you more freedom to customise your button colour.

To get black text you need to choose the Bright Blue option, although the ORACLE at the top will always be white so you will need to factor that into your thinking.



This is the small picture that appears next to the application name, at the top of the screen. This can be useful for a small logo with a transparent background. We have used it to add our cloud logo to the application. Use a 100 x 50 image for maximum impact.



This is the background image. Care should be taken when creating your background, as it should conform to a set of restrictions in order to look appealing. Typically it should be 1600 x 1250 pixels to work on tablets like iPads, however your computer monitors will only use the top 1600 x 900 pixels so all of your main branding should be in this area.

In addition the theme should try to remain neutral behind the buttons so that they can be read more easily. The left side of the background and the middle are both good areas to add branding, but be aware that the background will vary based on the screen resolution of the person viewing it.

The Logo and Theme are both referenced by a URL, and you have a couple of options on how to define these. It’s possible to upload and host the image within the “Explore” area in your PBCS application which will load up very quickly, but this is bugged and won’t appear on iPads. Typically we host them on an external site which can take slightly longer to load but has 100% uptime on all mediums.



Finally we have the Shape option, which changes the borders of all buttons and text boxes to whichever shape you select. This can help add a polished look to your interface.