Graduates - an opportunity with a BIG difference

The exams are over, the thesis has been submitted, you now know your result and finally the graduation ceremony is over!  They can go on, right? So, now of course it’s time for a well-earned summer break, but what lies beyond? Maybe you have already found your dream job or are you still looking?

Over the past 7 years Brovanture has recruited a new graduate every year and they all still work for us today! That must say something about the way we train and treat our new, and not so new, graduates. They don’t by default get the office junior tasks. As a small company we all ‘muck in’ with these.  Even our Managing Director makes the coffee and goes down to the shop to get the milk and sometimes toilet rolls when we are running out.

Our graduates begin training from day one and get to do meaningful and stretching work as soon as they are able. They even get to work directly with our customers from the beginning so they understand our customers’ challenges and issues and how our products are used to make a real different to these customer organisations.

There is a BIG difference this year.  We have been successfully growing, even in these times of business uncertainty, so we are on the hunt for not one but four new graduates to join our team.  You could be one of them!

What’s the catch you ask?  This sound too good to be true. Well there is no catch and it is true. What we need are highly numerate graduates who have a passion to learn new things, with an eye for detail, prepared to stretch themselves and the commitment to do a great job first time, every time.  In return, we will train you on the latest Cloud based Enterprise Performance Management software solutions from Oracle which are used by thousands of organisations globally. If you haven’t worked it out yet, this means there are loads of opportunities globally to work with these products. But we think you will stick with us as you get to work with a great bunch of intelligent, friendly people, oh, and we have fun too! and I nearly forgot we pay a competitive salary on top of all this.

So, you maybe need to know more about all this before you send us your CV. You can find out a lot more about the Oracle software we work with here. Take your time and do your homework, we will expect you to know the background when we meet you, but don’t leave it too long as we need great graduates asap and we will appoint as soon as we find them.

Finally, if you want to get a view from a fellow graduate who joined us - Jazmin shares her story on her journey from graduate to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) champion with Brovanture. Read her story here.

Current vacancies include:

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To the recruiters out there - please don't submit any CVs because we won't be held by your terms and conditions, only our own! We do have a PSL though, which you are more than welcome to apply for. Thank you!