When a Managed Service Really Means ‘Customer Service’

Author: Malcolm Brock

The term ‘Managed Service’ seems to have disappeared for our IT vocabulary since the advent of Cloud computing and new terms like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS have become the acronyms of choice. I think for many customers we are selling them short with these highly packaged, predefined options especially when they have a current on-premises application which they are, for the most part, happy with.

I say, for the most part, as when we discuss their solution with them it typically does what they want but there are some issues which they need to resolve. The typical problems we hear are;

  • Poor application performance
  • High cost of external hosting or internal IT infrastructure
  • Difficulty upgrading to new versions
  • Poor and costly support
  • Disinterested vendors who only want to sell cloud

The last point rings true when we hear from many customers that their vendor’s instant solution is ‘you need to move to the Cloud and everything will be wonderful’. This could well be the right way forward, but we look at the entire spectrum of options and what the customer really wants and needs.

For a significant number we think the right way forward can be what we call a ‘complete’ Managed Service. Why do I say ‘complete’? I will explain. This is not Hosting, PaaS or IaaS because we only work with applications we have a high level of expertise in – Oracle Hyperion on-premises solutions. So, when we suggest and offer a ‘Managed Service’ it covers everything including infrastructure and hosting, pro-active system management, performance monitoring and expert application support. All for a fixed monthly fee. Most importantly, our staff who manage this service are certified experts in the solution being used. The result is a truly ‘managed’ service in its entirety. We understand the software, the business processes involved, the importance of these processes and we have a deep knowledge to draw on to help keep them working and performing, and to also deliver continuing improvements.

We focus on the needs of the individual customer with a service crafted around what they need. Expert users will wish to be self-sufficient in support, whereas some customers may have a lower skills base and will want to maximise the support they receive. The trick is to get this right so that the support meets the customer needs, at a reasonable cost.

If you would like to know more about the sort of benefits and customer service of a Brovanture delivered Oracle Hyperion Managed Service solution take a look at this story about The UK Department of Health who saved £200,000 on their Oracle Hyperion Financial Management consolidation and reporting solution. It is worth pointing out this solution consolidates 450 organisations and annually £110b. We do have smaller clients too!


If you have an existing on-premises Oracle Hyperion application, planning, consolidation or reporting, or maybe Oracle Essbase and are reviewing your options you are invited to join a 30 minute webinar on 14 December at 10:00 UK time to find out about what we do, in more detail. Or please contact us - we would be happy to talk to you about what we can do for you.