Oracle EPM Cloud Partner Briefing

Author: Sarah Dow


Some exciting news came out of this weeks Oracle Partner Briefing, the highlights are to bring Parity with HFM by the end of the summer!, coming sooner is Cross Pod Integration, essentially it's like the HFM workspace, i.e. for customers who have both FCCS and PBCS you can not only enjoy a single sign on, but a fully integrated workflow combining both applications on your landing page, a welcome update for Multi EPM Cloud customers.




  • Advanced Consolidation (Phase 1 i.e. Managed ownership)
  • Configurable translation calculation and consolidation
  • Extended Custom dimensions
  • Cross Pod Integration
  • Close Manager integrations
  • Platform sizing and performance


  • Process control
  • Advanced Consolidation (Phase 2 i.e. Ownership register/Org by Period)
  • Close Manager (Monitoring tasks/Cloud Integrations)
  • Supplemental Data Manager(Integrations to on-premise.


Future Post 12 months

  • Journal Entry Module:
    •    Integration with any ERP
    •    Recurring and Auto-Reversing
    •    Single Click Create
  • Advanced Consolidations
    •    Automatic Journaling
    •    Data Lineage
  • Integrated XBRL from ERPCS
  • HFM Migration toolkit