Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Roadshow

Highlights from the Roadshow

Author: Sarah Dow

I attended the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Roadshow yesterday lead by Rajesh Bhatia, VP of Product Development, and although the normal safe harbour statements apply there is some exciting developments coming for both HFM & FCCS (Yes! HFM!), dispelling rumours that HFM is no longer being developed.

As we envisaged, Cloud is going to have a more aggressive development approach than on premise, however this is good news for the HFM community. Some highlights of these developments are listed below:

HFM (over 1000 customers now on version

  • Web Metadata manager
  • Automatic intelligent consolidations
  • Dashboard expansion
  • Archive/Purge data
  • Entity Hierarchy for ICP dimension
  • Enhanced insights
  • Copy Journal function
  • 1.2.4 Premium support extended to Dec-2021
  • Version 12 coming in 2018.

FCCS (3000+ customers on Cloud and 200+ FCCS customers since its release in Q2-16)

  • Advanced consolidation rules (managed ownership, proportion etc.)
  • Additional Custom Dimensions
  • Sub calculate rule customisation (ability to add addition rules)
  • Copy & Clear functionality
  • Configurable translation
  • Workspace feel coming allowing access from one home page to FCCS and PBCS
  • Ability to access PBCS data from within FCCS and vice versa.


If you would like to discuss any of the items above or would like to see a demo of these products please feel free to contact me or any of the team on 01483 685450, email or visit our website


This article is Brovanture’s take on Oracles general product direction. This article is for information purposes only and in no means is this document contractual. The future release of developments/functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.