The Brovanture Adventure

What a welcome back...

Author: Sarah Ansell, October 2016


I couldn’t have thought of a better introduction back into full time work at Brovanture than our adventure weekend in the Brecon Beacons. The aim was to get everyone together sparking ideas and working as a team shaping the future of the company. As far as I’m concerned, mission accomplished and more.


The Welsh adventure started on Saturday with an evening of extreme ping-pong tournaments, tense pool play-offs and a lovely pub dinner. George’s approach to ping-pong was ‘anything goes as long as I win the point’, however Martin had the edge with some sneaky blind spot tactics. I took note of who not to challenge to a game of pool – Tony and Ade especially.


With fresh heads and plenty of sleep we awoke ready to tackle the hike up Pen y fan.  Personally, I think that when you take away all distractions and share experiences with people such as hiking in a beautiful setting such as Pen y fan, that's when you really get to know each other! Staying together during our hike and supporting each other was truly important, as our fantastic guides pointed out.


The highlight of the weekend, for me, was being at the peak of Pen y fan with everyone (minus George who was distracted by a cloud or who knows what – blatantly ignoring our guides ‘staying together’ instructions!). We were all happy and proud, enjoying the simple joys of a great view with lunch.


We recovered from our hike with another evening riding in the disco ‘Brov Limo’, enjoying amazing tortellini and let’s not forget, the formation of the ‘Dream Team’ - me and Gui mastering ping-pong for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to witness the talent).


Finally, on Monday was our ideas workshop where everyone got stuck in and creative. We were allocated into groups, and an opportunity for everyone to have their ideas on development as a company considered by the team.


I honestly think that being away from the office in a new location gave inspiration for fantastic discussions on the approaches Brovanture should take on board this year. 


Having a sneak-peak of our brilliant redesign of the Brovanture brand and website was a high point for me. I think that the new look is fresh, modern and just what we need! Congratulations to Kristina for getting everyone inspired by the rebrand!


The weekend was truly brilliant and I believe everyone will have come away from it highly motivated to achieve and set a new bar for themselves and the company.