To host or not to host...

...that is the question!

Well, it depends on multiple factors. Generally the decision centres around the specific needs, goals and constraints affecting the client company, as do the following statements below:

#1 - IT infrastructure management and optimisation are not core competencies central to the client company. Even if the client company has IT infrastructure, it can’t or won’t outsource.  There will be some IT management solutions likely worth consideration to minimise the investment and internal resources necessary to keep the system running at optimum.

#2 - IT capital and/or staffing expenditures are rising/continuing to rise within the client company. If one of the reasons businesses invest in IT is to improve/increase operational efficiency, the argument should be that IT costs go down, not up, as the business becomes more IT-dependent. Executive strategy is always interested in reducing costs, or at least attenuating their growth rates. Managed Hosting can help you achieve both goals, when applied to the right management solution.

#3 - There are physical limits to the client company’s ability to grow and/or improve its IT resources. Even companies with well-designed, incredibly efficient server closets or data centres are increasingly running out of room, access to sufficient power and cooling, or some combination of all of the above. Our Brovanture Cloud solutions can help by enabling improvement of computing resources with no additional premises-based hardware required.

#4 - User demands for IT resources support or internal consulting is growing faster than the client company’s ability to meet them and siphoning limited resources away from the client company’s core business activities. Rapid growth in demand for IT resources has many potential causes. Typical examples within performance management include new complexities within reporting, additional financial models for strategy development and the traditional impact of added support for merger, acquisition and organic organisational growth.

Brovanture Cloud solutions such as Hyperion Planning or Hyperion Financial Management can often be deployed rapidly and scaled up quickly.  Equally, such solutions can also be scaled downward should economic conditions dictate such a response, usually much more easily and economically than premises-based hardware and platform software.

#5 - The client company needs to deploy a new application or service rapidly with minimal operational disruption and/or to extend critical applications or services to users where there is no or limited IT support resources. Business responsiveness and competitive agility require flexible and rapidly adaptable business and technology infrastructures. Should the company recognise a new opportunity or faces a new competitive threat; it should be able to respond in hours to days, not weeks to months. Our Brovanture Cloud solution can be up and running much faster than traditional alternatives – especially if server capacity and/or room and/or power for more servers is exhausted.

Regarding users with limited or no local IT support resources, Brovanture Cloud makes such situations easy to address. This is especially true if the needs of users in such locations can be satisfied largely with the core features and functions of those solutions.

#6 - The client company would like to move critical IT resources to fewer, more modern platforms to improve performance and/or reduce requirements for increasingly scarce and expensive support resources. As long as client companies are planning to move resources to new platforms anyway, it's worth at least considering turning the operation and management of those platforms over to full-time experts elsewhere (#1 above).


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