Top five technology trends for growing businesses

We're constantly hearing about technology mega-trends, but what should be top of mind for growing businesses that don't have mega-budgets?

Author: Oracle

#1 - The business-technology performance connection

Companies that view technology as critical to improving business outcomes are outpacing their peers in terms of business growth.

#2 - The battle for self-employed workers is heating up

4 our of 10 US workers are 'contingent' (self-employed, temporary workers, contractors, on-call workers and part-time employees) - up 10% on 2006.

#3 - Businesses tune into IoT possibilities

The Internet of Things presents tremendous potential for disruption, with businesses in retail, distribution and discrete manufacturing set to lead the charge.

#4 - Public Cloud is a done deal

Cloud is poised to overtake on-premises deployment in the next year in areas such as collaboration, file-sharing and marketing automation, with businesses opting for the public cloud in most instances.

#5 - Security is still the elephant in the room

As businesses increasingly rely on technology to run their businesses, the need to secure and protect data and access are becoming more critical and complex!


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