Upload large Snapshot files to PBCS using EPM Automate

As I recently discovered when trying to upload an Application Snapshot from my client’s Production environment to my client’s Test environment, once an Application Snapshot gets too large you will receive the error below when attempting to upload the snapshot through your browser:


The file I was attempting to upload was around 4GB but I am unsure of the official size limit for uploading files through your browser. However, as your application is used over time it will continue to grow and, before you know it, your snapshot size will have reached this limit (whatever it may be!)

To get around this issue, you can use the EPM Automate command UploadFile

The UploadFile command is used to upload a file from your local computer to the PBCS server. The file being uploaded could contain data, metadata, other application artefacts or be an entire Application Snapshot backup.

The syntax for using the UploadFile command in a batch file is as follows:


call epmautomate uploadfile “FILENAME”

Call epmautomate logout


Where the parameters in the above script are as follows:

  • USERNAME - the user name of the service administrator
  • PASSWORD - the password of the service administrator
  • URL – the URL of the PBCS service instance that you wish to connect to
  • IDENTITYDOMAIN – the identity domain of the PBCS service instance
  • "FILENAME” – the full name and path of the file (from your local computer) that you wish to upload to your PBCS service

The above syntax will upload the file to the default location. For Application Snapshot, this will be the Migration section of PBCS. The Snapshot will then be available to import into your PBCS environment using the normal Import functionality within the migration area of PBCS.

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