PBCS for the NHS

The role of the finance team within NHS organisations is broader today than ever before.  It extends beyond managing and controlling spending, to preparing budgets and regulatory submission, and providing analysis of the financial implications of actions across the business, to advising clinical and business management at all levels and departments.

Our infographic demonstrates how Oracle PBCS can help you achieve what the latest STP demands...

did you know?

We’re entrused by organisations such as Guy’s and St Thomas and The Department of Health to implement Cloud planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions to convert existing spreadsheet processes into a platform that will give clear visibility into cost management, effective budget allocation and improved investment in resources for effective service delivery.

a clean bill of health, ready for the future, with no falling between the cracks - NHS England

Reduce agency dependency and costs.

Provide better workforce planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Provide more efficient reporting and transparency.

Adopt latest technologies and a more forward-looking view.

Drive quality and care, provide value for money for the tax payer.

how does PBCS help?

Without strong financial management and planning, the NHS wouldn’t be able to provide medical treatment and clinical care. By adopting PBCS, you get to make better use of its capacity and resources if it’s to cope with the steadily rising levels of demand. It allows you to operate efficiently, engage employees, enable providers, enable payees and be data-driven...

Flexibly manage and control plans, budgets and forecasts at an operating unit, department and cost centre level.

Gain greater control over every aspect of your financial planning and forecasts.

Draw information from ESR automatically, feeding the HR workforce data into PBCS, removing the need for manual input.

Link plans across the business, optimising the allocation of resources.

Run multiple 'what if' plans based on the changing market conditions, resource availability and the availability of funding.


PBCS creates visibility and accountability throughout the organisation to identify financial performance gaps continuously, and quickly change course when needed. 

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how we implement


With our fixed-fee approach to implementation, you’ll pay a set price, regardless of how much time and expense incurred on our part.

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time & materials

A more collaborative and agile approach, our t&m approach provides you with more freedom to change the specifications and billed by the hour with expenses.

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