HFM Rules

1 day
knowledge of HFM metadata administration
course description

This one-day course teaches HFM Administrators the basics – the how and why of rule writing. 

You will learn the basics of rules, experience writing common rules and be introduced to more advanced topics. This course is taught using Calculation Manager with usage of Classic Script as part of the class, with script objects inside Calculation Manager. 

The course can also be taught privately just with Classic script upon advance notice; our course is offered in two different lengths:

  • When delivered as part of the five-day HFM Bootcamp course, the topics below are covered. The day begins with HFM data loading and we get into Rules after the morning break, around 10:15am. Students are welcome to join for the full day and get a refresher on data loading, or just join at 10:15 for Rules.
  • When delivered as a standalone class we are able to include additional material, and we add content that covers consolidation rules and script performance improvement.
course content
  • Subroutines and Syntax
  • Restricting Running Rules
  • Top 10 Calculations
  • Advanced Topics
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