HFM Upgrade

1 day
HFM Bootcamp or equivalent experience
course description

This one-day HFM Upgrade course is designed to bring administrators and power users up to speed on the new features and functionality that have been added to HFM in prior version through to

It’s very important to note, however, that each upgrade course is customised to your specific needs, depending not only on what version you’re upgrading from and to, but also what features you may not have been fully leveraging in your old version.

We can take material from our existing HFM Bootcamp class to fill in any knowledge gaps within your team and help you leverage the most out of HFM. The manual we provide is based on our HFM Bootcamp course so you receive a great reference manual for the version you are upgrading to!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to have a good understanding of what the new features and functionality are in the new version of HFM. You will also gain hands on experience with the various parts of the product depending on the depth of coverage for the topics covered and the length of the class.
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course content
  • Metadata changes, primarily configurable custom dimensions
  • Classic application creation/maintenance features
  • Rule changes
  • Consolidation Administration options
  • User Interface changes
  • Smart View enhancements
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