how it works

Tailored to you, prepare2plan is our standard, fixed-fee implementation methodology, which typically applies when the scope and objectives of the project are clearly defined from the outset.  The requirements are clear and are unlikely to change, there's no (or maybe just a little) need for flexibility in scope, and the deliverables for the duration of the project and/or the costs are known up front:

Step 1 - Project Design

Based on our discussions, this is the provision of Oracle PBCS. We review and agree on the scope of your project, providing a clear framework for how the project will be delivered. From there, we prepare a detailed plan for the remainder of the project, capturing functional and technical design decisions related to the software system being implemented.

Step 2 - Configuration

Information gathered during the Functional Design Workshops in the Project Design phase, is used to configure the non-production environment. A series of workshops are then conducted to demonstrate the standard functionality (as configured in the non-production environment) and validate that system behaviour is as expected. Any refinements to the configurations are identified, prioritised, entered and reviewed during subsequent workshop sessions.

Step 3 - Validation

The validate phase is used to conduct an end-to-end review of the final solution including any adjusted configurations, integrations, extensions and customer legacy data.

Step 4 - Transition

During the transition, the configuration that was validated during the Validation phase is moved to the production environment and customer legacy data is loaded, reconciled and validated.

Step 5 - Realisation

The Realisation phase marks the last phase of the implementation and the beginning of the system support cycle. During this phase, system use is monitored, necessary actions taken in response to issues raised by users, and a hand off conducted to the team responsible for the ongoing customer relationship. The phase culminates with acceptance of the new system by the customer and closing out of the contract and project management processes by the project manager.

prepare2plan - industry

what you get

Companies of all sizes trust us to advise, deliver, support and maintain their systems. We know everyone's different and that one size doesn't always fit all, which is why we tailor the prepare2plan methodology for you. 

  • retail & eCommerce
  • public sector & healthcare
  • media & communications
  • manufacturing
  • wholesale & distribution
  • professional services

key benefits

Prepare2plan is the ideal choice for those in the mid-market; it's affordable, rapidly deployable, easy to learn, low risk and provides you with specific modules tailored for your industry. Prepare2plan gives you:

  • a scalable solution
  • a specialised team with expert-level skills and knowledge
  • integrated workflow
  • an agnostic general ledger
  • driver-based budgeting, P&L, balance sheet and cash flow tailored to the business
  • rolling forecast and on the fly scenario modelling
  • an intuitive interface.

public sector & healthcare


  • funds, grants, memberships, donors
  • indirect staff
  • direct staff
  • program hourly personnel
  • program and fund P&L

functional benefits

  • net asset classifications
  • statement of activities
  • statement of financial position
  • statement of functional expenses
  • projected cashflows and cashflow statements
  • budget by fund, program, grant
  • real-time variance analysis

decentralised users

  • project managers
  • program managers
  • development HR

retail & ecommerce 


  • volume, price, segment, region, store, product, merchandise
  • standard costing
  • corporate FTW
  • store hourly personnel
  • store locations/projects
  • store capex
  • vendor-specific

functional benefits

  • merchandising planning
  • supply planning
  • marketing promotions
  • store financial metrics
  • 13 periods: 4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4
  • weekly planning/cashflow

decentralised users

  • store
  • regional
  • merchandising/buyers
professional services


  • contracts, practice, region/office, project/engagement, retainer, utilisation
  • consultant/engagement resources
  • cost of resources, billable expenses
  • corporate FTW
  • resource/team personnel
  • prepaids

functional benefits

  • project/engagement import/integration
  • resource assignment
  • project profitability
  • utilisation
  • billable expenses
  • weekly

decentralised users

  • practice leads
  • project managers
  • HR



  • volume, price, segment, region, product
  • BoM costing
  • corporate FTW
  • production hourly personnel
  • PP&E capex/project cap
  • vendor specific
  • intercompany

functional benefits

  • sales/demand planning
  • production capacity planning
  • weekly, monthly
  • production scheduling (finite capacity, multi-constraint)
  • supply planning
  • equipment up/downtime, useful-life
  • project, WiP capitalisation, costing

decentralised users

  • sales/demand
  • production
  • supply

wholesale & distribution


  • volume, price, segment, region, product
  • standard costing
  • corporate FTW
  • location hourly personnel
  • facilities
  • intercompany

functional benefits

  • demand planning
  • supply planning
  • inventory forecasting
  • marketing promotions
  • SKU detail

decentralised users

  • sales
  • location
  • inventory

managed hosting

Not yet ready to move from on-premise?

Everyone's upgrading and moving to the Cloud, but we want to remind you you shouldn't feel pressured to do so and there's certainly no rush if you're not ready!  Brovanture Cloud is our own hybrid service - a secure, tuned and customised EPM platform for your EPM applications at a lower TCO and includes expert support, application development and infrastructure management.

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