PBCS for professional services

Spreadsheet-based planning for resource management has become insufficient – it’s far too slow, error-prone, and non-collaborative. Survival in today’s volatile markets requires superior resource management, financial planning, budgeting and scenario forecasting.

Taking into account the impact of resources on Revenue and Expenses, we simplify the planning of personnel both from a revenue generating perspective such as billing in terms of hours and rates and personnel related expenses, such as bonuses fringe benefits, overtime payments, and merit increases.

Whilst the economy is growing, the downward pressure on fees demands superior financial planning and performance management. For many, planning and budgeting is far too resource and time intensive, dominated by manual tasks and a multitude of spreadsheets

Since implementation, we’ve experienced a significant reduction in cycle time, manual working and manipulation required to achieve a final result...we gained consistency and an environment where the data is up-to-date, easily accessible by all users and maintained with minimal effort - Peel Hunt

Quickly and successfully gain control of your financial outlook.

Evaluate the potential business and cash impacts of strategic and tactical actions.

Reset financial plans to deal with the current uncertain economy, potential Brexit and forward planning.

Track average daily or hourly rate achieved, the utilisation of available hours/days by department or sector and the average cost/revenue per fee earner.

Determine proper staffing levels to support fluctuations in departments and sectors maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

how does PBCS help?

Oracle PBCS reduces the time spent manually managing spreadsheets, and instead offers an easy route to create, compare and approve multiple top-down planning scenarios to understand how changes in key drivers would impact the business. PBCS is based on the resource management of fee-earners and non-fee earners across departments and cost centres across the entire enterprise. It simplifies the planning of personnel, both from a revenue generating perspective such as billing in terms of hours, rates and from an expense perspective such as salary, bonuses, benefits, overtime, etc. With PBCS you can...

Link plans across the business, optimising the allocation of resources and run multiple 'what if' plans based on the changing market conditions, resource availability and the availability of funding.

Analyse how varying currencies, sales volumes, expense levels, capital expenditures and other considerations would impact cash flow.

27 of the top 35 companies on InformationWeek's list of most innovative consulting and business services firms run Oracle applications.

Flexibly manage and gain greater control of plans, budgets and forecasts at an operating unit, department and cost centre level.

Draw information from your HR system automatically, feeding the data into your planning, budgeting and forecasting removing the need for manual input.


PBCS provides you with the visibility into revenue planning and expense forecasting by capturing, collaborative, real-time inputs from managers throughout the company. You can model the predicted revenues for your firm based on staffing and inventory levels, and managers can project billable hours, by individual, by rates and by collection to give a real-world view, giving you easy control over expenses and cost reduction.

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how we implement


With our fixed-fee approach to implementation, you’ll pay a set price, regardless of how much time and expense incurred on our part.

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time & materials

A more collaborative and agile approach, our t&m approach provides you with more freedom to change the specifications and billed by the hour with expenses.

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