PBCS for retailers

Survival in today’s volatile markets requires superior financial planning and management. For many, planning and budgeting is resource and time intensive, dominated by manual tasks and a multitude of spreadsheets. With Oracle’s Planning Budgeting and Cloud Service (PBCS), you can centralise your planning, budgeting and forecasting in just one application, integrating financial and operational processes, as well as improving business predictability.

Major economic and political events are continuing to sway consumer and business confidence. Retailers are becoming more complex as are the consumers that purchase their products and services. It is precisely for this reason that retailers must embrace an agile, right-sized planning and budgeting platform that allows instant insight into the relevant information while silencing the noise of uncertainty.

Increasingly squeezed margins and a growing reluctance amongst consumers to pay for full price product means.

Investment in areas which really enhance core priorities such as price (through smarter promotions), quality of product, and the customer experience across all channels.

Predictive trade planning - International expansion’s back on the agenda.

Preparing for Brexit – what decisions to make to mitigate the adverse effects this may have on things like supplier contracts, business taxation, customs duties, etc.

Be more proactive in dealing with the adverse impact of seasonal fluctuations on demand, such as mild autumns.

how does PBCS help?

Product retailers must be ruthless in investment planning and gain control of their financial plans, evaluate the potential business and cash impacts of strategic and tactical product actions, and reset their financial outlook to tackle any uncertainty that lies ahead. PBCS allows you to answer the questions above and plan for the ‘what-if’.

Counter the uncertainty, run multiple 'what if' plans based on the changing market conditions.

Flexibly manage and gain greater control of plans, budgets and forecasts at an operating unit, department and cost centre level.

Combine production, pricing and sales forecasts into an optimised plan and immediately see the impact on your P&L statement.

Know instantly if you have the cash flow to launch a product, open a store or acquire goods.

Make decisions that determine the success of your organisation and provide valuable input into operations; with the appropriate balance between operational feasibility and financial desirability, comparing actual vs. budget vs. plan, and reforecasting when required.


Consumer confidence about the strength of the economy is at a three-year low, matched with the considerable uncertainty of the unknown as we look to trigger Article 50, times in the retail industry are in a state of continuous flux. PBCS provides the tools and analysis capabilities to help you make the right decisions faster, helping you maximise corporate value whilst continuously managing financial risk.

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