Branding your Cloud and FCCS

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - How do I brand my own interface? The Branding options are found under Tools > Appearance.

Using SQL to map null values to ignore

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - there is a way around this using a custom SQL mapping script to define your own mappings and this blog is here to show you how

Loading valid intersections in bulk to Oracle PBCS

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - A very useful feature of PBCS over traditional Oracle Hyperion Planning is the ability to define Valid Intersections of your dimension members. This means you can restrict your users to only enter data into specific intersections of several dimensions which you define.

Data copy in an ASO Application

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - One of the main problems with ASO databases in the past was finding a way to perform calculations such as a standard data copy from one member to another

Using EPM Automate to back up your PBCS application

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - EPM Automate is a utility which enables service administrators to remotely perform a selection of routine tasks on their PBCS system

Sneaky new PBCS features

Jazmin Ribeiro, Brovanture Consultant - new admin features in PBCS that we can’t recall being mentioned in the monthly update documents