UK government reaffirms commitment to using Oracle with Cloud Memorandum of Understanding

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - Oracle and UK Government agreement is good news for all parties delivering Oracle Cloud Services to UK Government organisations

Connecting to multiple Oracle Cloud Environments

Sarah Ansell, Brovanture Consultant shows you how to save valuable time by creating a Smart View environments short-cut to connect to multiple EPBCS environments

Brovanture Session at ODTUG Kscope19 Highlighted

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - the Brovanture session 'Integrating EPBCS with the Oracle Cloud’ at ODTUG Kscope19 is highlighted by Oracle Ace, Jon Harvey, conference EPM Data Integration Track lead

Connecting two Clouds – NetSuite to Oracle PBCS Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Mike Falconer, Brovanture Consultant - Connecting a source system to a forecasting system is rarely straightforward. Therefore, when an opportunity arises to ditch the shackles of extract-based integrations and migrate entirely through the cloud, one must grasp that opportunity with both hands - And I will show you how.

FDMEE System Maintenance Tasks: Maintain Setup Data

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - As well as staging table data, Data Management/FDMEE stores various setup components in SQL tables behind the scenes. There are a number of ‘System Maintenance Tasks’ within data management which can be used to update and maintain these hidden tables.

Moira Jacques Nominated for an Oracle Change Agents of Finance Award

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director Brovanture - Moira Jacques, Commercial Finance Controller at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Distribution Limited is nominated for the Crystal Ball Award in the 2019 Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.

Brexit – Do you have a plan B, C, D, E, F, G, H…?

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - Dealing with a complex set of scenarios like this and maintaining control, plus really understanding the variables and their implications, is a big task and vitally important right now.

PBCS Cheap Tricks – Quick and Easy Backup Process

Mike Falconer, Brovanture Consultant - the November 2018 PBCS update for EPM Automate has come with a neat new command that can really streamline your rolling backup process

Loading valid intersections in bulk to Oracle PBCS

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - A very useful feature of PBCS over traditional Oracle Hyperion Planning is the ability to define Valid Intersections of your dimension members. This means you can restrict your users to only enter data into specific intersections of several dimensions which you define.

It’s new & it works!

Jazmin Riberio, Brovanture Consultant - the October 2016 PBCS update saw the release of the “Enhanced Data Integration with Fusion Financials Cloud”