Data copy in an ASO Application

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - One of the main problems with ASO databases in the past was finding a way to perform calculations such as a standard data copy from one member to another

Using EPM Automate to back up your PBCS application

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - EPM Automate is a utility which enables service administrators to remotely perform a selection of routine tasks on their PBCS system

Sneaky new PBCS features

Jazmin Ribeiro, Brovanture Consultant - new admin features in PBCS that we can’t recall being mentioned in the monthly update documents

It’s new & it works!

Jazmin Riberio, Brovanture Consultant - the October 2016 PBCS update saw the release of the “Enhanced Data Integration with Fusion Financials Cloud”