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Kscope23 – Brovanture Team Have Been Selected to Present

Malcolm Brock
Managing Director

Once again, the Brovanture team submitted proposals for to speak at Kscope and for Kscope23 we have had two of those proposals accepted. Congratulations to our colleagues Lydia Maksoud, Sarah Dow and Olivia Young who will be at Kscope23 in Aurora, CO, USA to give their presentations.

Based on over 100 successful implementations of Hyperion and Oracle Cloud EPM, the extensive knowledge within the Brovanture organisation gives our team the experience to deliver thought provoking and insightful sessions. We hope that if you are attending Kscope23 you will come along and hear what they have to say.

Here are details of the two sessions:

Three EPM Processes walk into a bar – and they all integrate with Cloud ERP!

presented by Lydia Maksoud & Sarah Dow

When this customer decided to implement the Oracle EPM Cloud suite, they didn’t pick just one process. They went for the triple crown of Oracle Cloud EPM, Planning, Account Reconciliations and Financial Consolidation and Close, along with their new Oracle Cloud ERP system! There was ample opportunity to enhance their data loads across all three processes, creating a fully integrated solution. However, not all integrations are the same and Lydia & Emma will tell you about the differences they encountered across the three Oracle Cloud EPM components on their quest to successfully integrate GL Actuals and CoA metadata from Oracle Cloud ERP.

Can a leopard change his spots? Maybe IPM can tell us… Paws what you’re doing and read this!

presented by Olivia Young & Lydia Maksoud

When a FTSE 100 Veterinary company realised it was time to migrate their On-Premises solution to Oracle Cloud EPM, they were not prepared for the sophisticated functionality the Cloud would bring to their New World. The IPM cluster on the Oracle Cloud EPM home page opens a world of possibilities. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” … well we did!  We’ll walk you through how we implemented IPM, all the advanced settings, and the challenges we overcame when Oracle did what they do best. We’ll show you how to control and run jobs using REST API and how we leveraged IPM to transform simple run rates for Forecasting OPEX.

Even if you are not attending Kscope23 we are always happy to talk about the work we have done with Oracle Cloud EPM – no obligation – just give us a call or send me a message via LinkedIn. With every member of the team certified in Oracle Cloud EPM products we do know what we are talking about so your time will not be wasted.

Until next time