Life at Brovanture

Life at Brovanture

Sarah Ansell
Brovanture Consultant

As a university student starting to consider my desired career path, I was a deer in headlights. I wanted my chosen career to pair well with my degree in Financial Mathematics. With no industry experience at this stage in my studies, I could only imagine a day in the role of some of the well-known jobs like Accountant, Auditor or Tax adviser. I didn’t consider the numerous other unique and diverse roles available because I had so little exposure to them at that point. Stumbling upon the Brovanture student placement role felt quite ‘meant-to-be’ for me, because the role sounded so well suited to my traits and preferences – a client facing role, requiring logical problem solving, with project-based work.

Years later, as a Brovanture consultant, I still love those aspects about my role. I have also developed a deeper understanding of alternative elements that enhance work life, other than simply the role. Working for a smaller business, such as Brovanture, I have been able to experience a collaborative work culture. As a graduate, from early on I was asked for inputs and opinions regarding many areas of the business such as recruitment, employee benefits and locations for reward trips away – such as Las Vegas! Everyone is also able to contribute to improvements in internal software we use and our project methodology. It feels like I have been part of shaping Brovanture, alongside my colleagues, over the years. One of the reasons that I have stayed at Brovanture since graduating is because I truly feel I don’t need to jump from one job to another to progress. At Brovanture I am an integral part of the progression of the business itself and I can see the improvements constantly being made.

Not only has Brovanture developed so much over the years, but I have also individually been able to progress thanks to the company encouraging and supporting my own studies. I am one exam away from completing my Chartered Institute Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification. I have also taken many Oracle Certifications on the products that we work with. I like to continuously challenge myself to improve my skillset, so this is something I’m hugely grateful for.

Even after my professional qualification is complete in 2023, I know that there is always plenty to learn as a Business Consultant, like working on the latest cloud technology. I still feel passionate about being a well-rounded employee, drawing on experience of the product, professional qualification, the great knowledge of my insanely smart colleagues, and a drive for learning the new functionality!

Roll-on 2023 and the opportunity to grow and develop in my chosen career at Brovanture.

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