My First Week at Brovanture

Tej Bhople
Brovanture Consultant

They say – ‘it’s likely that you will feel a wide range of emotions on this day’, from nervousness to eagerness. It is so true. I was experiencing tons of these emotions. It got to a level that I could not sleep the night before my first day!

Getting to Brovanture meant an early start to catch a train at 05:30 from Derby and after a couple of changes, including a London Underground journey, I did reach Brovanture head office at Guildford by 9:30 as agreed.

There was such warm welcome from colleagues present in office and from those working from home through Microsoft Teams, chats, messages and emails. It immediately felt that I was now part of the team and that friendliness and inclusivity are part of Brovanture’s DNA.

We started with a tour off the office hosted by one of my new colleagues followed by a well organised and very comprehensive induction process. Within few hours, I had access to Oracle Support, Brovanture’s Oracle Cloud EPM system and all the important applications and systems needed to do my job. In previous roles I have struggled with access for days and weeks. This was just a great experience. Of course, now I have to learn how to use them all!!

The highlight of my first day has to be a delish lunch treat with members of the team who were in the office. We went to an old English pub – Whities Inn. (Photo above) I think I am more foodie than techie!

The first day also included my first client call!

By the end of my first week at Brovanture, I have:

  • communicated and worked with 7 clients
  • actively started an Oracle Cloud EPM Planning development project
  • worked on an Oracle Cloud Infrstructure gen 2 migration project
  • participated in a number of client support tasks

Quite a first week! I have used my skills and experience and learnt a lot along the way. I can see I am going to have a constant and interesting learning curve and very few dull moments.

The week ended on a real high. I got to meet up with the northern contingent of the Brovanture team and participate in a team outing in Manchester at the weekend. It was good meet them over drinks, dinner and lot of banter!

My first week at Brovanture – I can confirm the old saying – ‘Trust the magic of new beginnings’ It is certainly the case when you are beginning with Brovanture.

Until next time