Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliations – Changing the Preparer on multiple profiles/reconciliations

Emma Pawley
Brovanture Consultant

Naturally there will be changes in personnel after you have set up Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliations and therefore the need to change assigned preparer and reviewer users. It will be necessary to change the preparer to a new or current employee, when the existing preparer changes role. This can be achieved for multiple profiles at once using the Add/Set User feature.

Ideally, the preparer should be changed on the profile before the reconciliations are generated for the month. This allows you to only make the change once.

It is useful to first add a filter to restrict your view to just the profiles that the previous user is currently the preparer of.

Select the Add a Filter option and pick Preparer.



A preparer filter will then show above your list of profiles. You can use the filter to limit the profiles to an individual user, by moving that user to the left-hand side.



In the example below, we see all the profiles where Amy Martin is currently the preparer.



To change the preparer on all the profiles in the filter, we can use the Add/Set User function. You will find this under Actions.



In the Field box, you can pick the role that you want to update. In our example, we are updating the Preparer. In the Value box, you pick the user who will become the new preparer.


Ensure that All Profiles is selected, unless you only want the change to apply to a specific profile that you have selected.


The change will then take place. In our example, all the profiles that had Amy Martin as the preparer, now has Alex Smith as the preparer. This method can also be used to update the reviewers and viewers.

If you did generate the reconciliations before you changed the preparer, you can also follow the above method on the reconciliations to change the user in bulk on the already generate reconciliations.




However, this only changes the reconciliations and not the profiles, so next month the profiles would generate with the old user. So, if you need to make the change after you have generated the reconciliations, update the reconciliations AND the profiles.

There are other properties that you can change using the Add/Set user feature:


Backup – backup preparer/reviewer

Frequency – The frequency assigned to the profile – this controls how often the reconciliations are generated.

Offset, Duration and Schedule From – These settings control when the reconciliation should be available to prepare from and the amount of time until it is due.

I hope this helps.

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