Brovanture Oracle Cloud EPM redwood Theme

Oracle Cloud EPM Redwood UX Design will be the only Theme Supported from 2024

Kim Kannemeyer
Brovanture Consultant

Following a recent announcement from Oracle in their April 2023 Release, only the Oracle Cloud EPM Redwood UX Design theme will be supported from late 2023. They are effectively discontinuing support for non-Redwood themes from early 2024.

The Redwood theme has had significant adoption and major platform innovations have primarily been released only within the Redwood theme. This theme has helped organisations improve productivity, reduce training costs and increase user satisfaction.

Users have previously been able to select the Redwood Experience in the Appearance menu, but this will no longer be available once the changes have been applied.

Brovanture Oracle Redwood Theme

The following Oracle Cloud EPM business processes will be affected:

  • Planning & Planning Modules
  • Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC)
  • Tax Reporting
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Freeform Planning
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Enterprise Data Management

Effective immediately all new implementations should be initiated with the Redwood theme.

So what exactly does this mean for me as a user?

  • Oracle will only support Redwood Experience theme, no support tickets on Non-Redwood platforms will be reviewed
  • All issues will have to be reproduced on Redwood theme before logging a support ticket
  • Oracle will not test non-Redwood themes
  • For existing pods with Redwood -> Non-Redwood themes will not appear as an option on the appearance card
  • For existing pods on Non-Redwood -> You can switch to Redwood but cannot switch back

As a reminder, these are a few of the benefits of the Redwood theme:

  • Dynamic tabs appear along the bottom of the page similar to Microsoft Excel sheets, making data navigation more user friendly
  • Ability to open up to 30 tabs on a page
  • Users can easily update data forms with an “Edit” option appearing on a new tab and changes saved can be reviewed by simply navigating back to the original form
  • Open related artifacts while keeping the original artifact open
  • Changes to dimension members can be made via tab navigation, then simply refresh the database

Brovanture Oracle Cloud EPM Redwood Theme

If you’re worried about not being able to easily identify whether you’re in live or test environments there is an easy fix for that, simply add a background image to one of them and voila!

Until next time