Oracle EPM Data Management update – Another Solution!

In my previous blog HERE I discussed and provided a solution to an issue with Oracle EPM Data Management in the latest update of Oracle EPM Cloud since it was put into production on the 18 December. To reiterate what the issue is:

A change in Oracle EPM Data Management now means that it is case sensitive for rule names called from Oracle EPM Automate (e.g. “DATA_Export” rule name in EPMAutomate script and “Data_Export” in Data Management Data Load Rule).  This may or may not be a problem for you depending on how careful the person who coded your data integration application was!  As it never mattered before they may have not worried about case.  Now it does matter and integrations loading data and meta-data will fail with this new update if there is not complete case compatibility.

This week, I was contacted by Mike Casey from Oracle Cloud EPM Product Management who revealed another fix which had not been documented and therefore was not obvious to the Brovanture team.  This is a lot simpler that searching through all your integration code.  Here is the instruction:

Goto Data Management -> System Settings -> Set the Enhanced Integration API to Disabled

In Mike’s own words: “Setting the flag means the application uses the prior version of the API. This version is not case sensitive. Product Development is fixing the issue and will disable the flag in a future release when they get this fixed.”

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