Don’t let an Oracle EPM Data Management update spoil your New Year!!

Our eagle-eyed support team have been working with the latest update of Oracle EPM Cloud since it was put into production on the 18 December. This is to ensure all our Oracle EPM Cloud customers are all happy and everything is working fine.  Unfortunately, all is not well and for many Oracle EPM Cloud customers around the world this may not become apparent until this week or next.  Thus, the chance they may not have the happy new year they had hoped for!

Fortunately, we have a handle on the problem, and I will share it with you all in this article. This gives you the chance to check before your month-end or year-end data load fails!

If you want help or to talk about it then please feel free to call/email our support team 01483 685454 (, whether you are on contract with us or not.  Our team is available all this week during UK office hours.

To the issue: A change in Oracle EPM Data Management now means that it is case sensitive for rule names called from Oracle EPM Automate (e.g. “DATA_Export” rule name in EPMAutomate script and “Data_Export” in Data Management Data Load Rule).  This may or may not be a problem for you depending on how careful the person who coded your data integration application was!  As it never mattered before they may have not worried about case.  Now it does matter and integrations loading data and meta-data will fail with this new update if there is not complete case compatibility.

This is not the best time to find this out!  For many this will be year end and for all a month end along with a short working week.  We are happy to help if you need us.

You can also contact us via our website HERE

I hope you all had great Christmas and I wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous new year.