Brovanture Hyperion to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Hyperion to Oracle Cloud EPM – right change, right time?

Malcolm Brock
Managing Director

Go out there on the internet and you can find a mass of material on this subject. The Oracle Hyperion on-premises userbase has been a target for just about every so-called Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software vendor on the planet! With such a large userbase there was always the chance their marketing would get a hit, but selling an alternative is another matter!

Firstly, I want to say that right now at Brovanture we have a number of clients who still use the Oracle Hyperion on-premises solutions who are very happy and currently have no plans to change. With Oracle Premier support continuing until at least 2030 and applications that do everything they need there is no imperative to change on that front.

In contrast, over the past 10 years we have successfully transitioned many Oracle Hyperion clients to the newer Oracle Cloud EPM solutions. Check out our case study on EthosEnergy who through divestiture needed to replace their use of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management for consolidation and close and chose to transition to Oracle Cloud EPM consolidation and close – HERE.

So, when is the right time to make the change and what is the right change? Let’s take them separately:

Right Time?

Without doubt the most likely right time is a compelling event like the case with EthosEnergy. They did not have a choice. But there can be a whole load of financial and IT factors that come into play. For many, moving to the cloud can reduce the costs, and also the risk, around maintaining and supporting your own IT infrastructure. With economies of scale and comprehensive service level contracts, providers of cloud solutions can deliver great service at a very reasonable cost.

The secret here is not to wait until your back is up against the wall. Review your Hyperion implementation in its entirety. When will you need to upgrade the software, operating system, database, hardware, support contract etc. Combine this with your IT strategy. When you have all of this information you will know when the time is right and you can plan to act.

Right Change?

Brovanture has a vested interest here as you can imagine! We were a Hyperion Solutions partner and on the acquisition of Hyperion by Oracle we became an Oracle partner. We have both invested in, and have years of experience in, their EPM solutions. We have successfully moved multiple clients from Hyperion on-premises to Oracle Cloud EPM – small and large, across multiple industries, global and local. In fact, we are working on a number right now!

Given this you would expect us to make a case for moving to the Oracle Cloud EPM solution but there are a number of reasons why you should. These are just facts, not marketing hype.

A tried and trusted process – thousands of successful projects have been executed. The tools needed to make your move as simple and risk free as you want are available in the software and service products. It is only what you would expect Oracle and it partners to provide for their clients.

Familiarity has its advantages – when it comes to both training and change risks, both are significantly reduced by staying with Oracle when moving to the cloud. You will be surprised how much you and your team already know about how the Oracle Cloud EPM products work!

Migrate as it or redesign – the choice is yours. Just move what you do now to the cloud has to be easier with the same software vendor, and it is. You can make this choice and experience a minor disruption to ‘business as usual’. Alternatively, you may see this as an opportunity to update and modernise your EPM processes. Either way we have the tools and know just how to get your integrations and processes set up quickly and correctly.

So, is it the right time for you and is Oracle Cloud EPM the right solution? My team and I are always happy to discuss what you are doing and what your plans are and to give you the benefit of our extensive experience with over 100 EPM clients. Whilst we will not necessarily give client names, we can take you through how we have worked with them to move them from Hyperion to Oracle Cloud EPM.

We love talking about what we have done – with no obligation and no sales pitch or constant hassling you afterwards – that we promise. Give us a call (+44 (0)1483 685450) or email via our contacts page HERE

EPM is our favourite subject, we can go on forever so make sure you set aside a little time to benefit from our experience! Oh, and by the way don’t mention rugby as you will be on the phone for the next week! That really is our favourite subject. 😊

Until next time.