PBCS Stealth Update – reports won’t prompt for input

Mike Falconer
EPM Consultant

As we all know, PBCS is being updated all the time. This adaptability is one of PBCS’s greatest strengths but can also be a weakness. This is an example of the latter.

Most financial systems have a reporting requirement, and PBCS turns to Hyperion Financial Reporting to fulfil this need. However, these reports need to be flexible and allow different Points of View (POV) so that the end-users can pull out reports relevant to their areas of responsibility. Previously, when a report was set up to allow different POV as an input, when you ran the report it would automatically prompt you for input:

Unfortunately, Oracle have added a Prompt for POV option, which is by default unchecked. Without this option, your reports will not prompt you for input and instead open using the last POV you had open, which is rarely what you want to report on. Remember to tick this checkbox when you want to use POV prompts:

Frustratingly, the checkbox doesn’t remember your preference between sessions, so you need to remember to tick the checkbox every time you reopen the PBCS web interface.

Hopefully Oracle change the default behaviour soon and we can get back to using our reports quickly and easily!

See you tomorrow for a technical SharePoint release,