PBCS workflow approvals via iPhone and Android

Workflow processes can be set up in PBCS applications to manage the progress and approval of a specific work task. This is useful in circumstances where certain work must be submitted for review and approval before being published.

To make this process easier, there is an Oracle EPM mobile app which allows users to manage their workflow approvals on the go. The app is free and is available on both iPhones and Android phones via the relevant application store:

ITunes App Store                                                                                          Android Google Play


This is much more convenient than having to login to you PBCS instance via the web interface so that you can approve or reject a proposal.

To set up the app, click Configure and enter the required fields:

  • User Name – your normal username used to log in to your PBCS system
  • Password – your usual password used to log in to your PBCS system
  • Server URL – the URL for your PBCS system in the form https://:/workspace
  • Domain Name – the Domain name of your PBCS system

Choose your application from the list and continue to the next screen:


Use the Scenario and Version filters to find an active planning unit to view or edit.

Note: Planning units will only appear in this list if they have already been started by an administrator.

Select a planning unit to view the details, including the history and promotional path. The history will display a running log of all actions performed on the planning unit so far. The promotional path shows the order of ownership of the planning unit and the final approver.


Click on the cog in the top-right corner to select an action option for the active approval unit. The options are:

  • Promote – Moves the planning unit to the next position in the promotional path.
  • Sign Off – Moves the planning unit to the ‘Signed Off’ state.
  • Approve – Approving the planning unit will complete the approval process and lock the planning unit so no further changes can be made.
  • Freeze – Freezes the planning unit so planners are unable to enter any data.

The Oracle EPM Mobile app is specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your workflow approvals process. It enables quick and convenient access to your PBCS approvals, by allowing you to access them on your mobile device from anywhere. This is a major benefit when it is compared to having to log into your system via the web in order to approve or reject a proposal – it really is an easy win!

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