Setting up a Direct Link to a ‘Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud’ Form or Dashboard

Lydia Maksoud
Brovanture consultant

If you’ve ever tried to send a direct link to Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud (formally called PBCS / EPBCS) form or dashboard, you’ll know that it’s not as simple as copying the URL from within the webpage. This usually ends in an error or directs the recipient to the Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud home page, instead of to the intended form or dashboard.

Luckily, it is in fact possible to send a direct URL for a specific Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud form or dashboard, but we must construct the URL in a precise way. This blog details this can be done.

The URL template differs slightly depending on whether you want to open a form or a dashboard.

Data Forms:




Where the parameters for the URL are as follows:

  • Virtualhost – this is the Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud instance URL (eg:
  • Direct=True – always true, indicates a direct link to the form/dashboard
  • ObjectType=FORM or DASHBOARD – specify the type of object (form or dashboard only)
  • ObjectName=FormName or DashboardName – the name of the form or dashboard.
  • POV=M1,M2 – a comma separated list of member names, one from each dimension in the Point of View

Important note! If any of the form/dashboard/member names in the URL contain spaces, use %20 to replace the space character. For example, to open a form named “Form Test”, the ObjectName value would be Form%20Test

For example, use this URL to link directly to the above Dashboard “Revenue By Market”:


A great use of this feature is to send out a direct dashboard link with a custom POV, rather than sending out individual extracted reports to each user.

Until next time