Brovanture Graduate Training Programme

We are recruiting for the 2023 Brovanture Graduate Training Programme

Brovanture Ltd, established in 2005, is a specialist provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions across all sectors and organisations, irrespective of size or budget. A key driver of our growth is the recruitment of university graduates into our Brovanture Graduate Training Programme.

Our programme includes comprehensive training in the Oracle software we sell, implement and support. In addition, we encourage our staff to take, and we fund, Oracle software examinations for individual certification in their software.

During their training experienced staff mentor each of our graduates to help them to progress and thrive in our industry.

Many of our graduates now form the backbone of our team, some having stayed with us all the way from their undergraduate placement with Brovanture. You can read more about some of their experiences, in their own words, on our website:

Richard’s story – HERE

Lydia’s story – HERE

Sarah’s story – HERE

Your first year:

Responsibilities in your first year with us will be highly dependent on what projects become available during that time. You may be moving in and out of smaller projects/support over the course of the year or you may find that you are put on a larger project almost immediately after your initial training (this is our aim).

Months 1 -2

  • This will focus on initial training/onboarding and introduction to the Oracle software products we implement and support. We will train you in this Oracle software as well as getting you involved in some smaller pieces of work and non-client facing tasks.

Months 3 – 8

  • This will focus on getting you working with clients, helping on different projects and with support. We are aiming for you to gain more confidence working on real client projects while being mentored and working alongside experienced members of staff.

Months 9 +

  • At this point we would expect you to have become far more confident in the Oracle products and in your ability to deal directly with clients. We aim for your time beyond this point to be spent dedicated to a single project alongside another more experienced consultant. This may however happen sooner or later dependent on the current projects available.

After your first year:

You will now be confident speaking to Brovanture clients, working with Oracle products and have achieved certifications in a few of these software products along the way. Our priority is to get you heavily involved in a large project, with deeper responsibilities and perhaps being in charge of a whole subsection of the software application on your own.

As mentioned before, what you work on will depend on the projects currently underway. For example, you could be working to build a software application that allows a manufacturer to gauge their productive capacity over the next 10 years, or maybe a workforce planning application allowing a client to forecast their headcount and staff costs going forward.

Part of what makes working as a graduate consultant at Brovanture so appealing is the chance to work with a variety of clients in different industries and of different sizes so early on in your career. Our aim is to give you all the training and experience you need to not only thrive in your current role at Brovanture but to continue to work with Brovanture and develop your skills in the long term.

If you think you are interested in applying for the Brovanture Graduate Training Programme, please send us a CV and covering email to and we will be in touch.

Until next time

Richard Jefferies

Graduate and Student Placement Manager

To the recruiters out there – please don’t submit any CVs because we won’t be held by your terms and conditions, only our own! We do have a PSL though, which you are more than welcome to apply for via our contact page HERE. Thank you!