Connecting Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud (PBCS/EPBCS) to Oracle Apex with Rest API: GET Substitution Variables

Richard Jefferies - Brovanture Consultant, explains how to connect Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud to Oracle Apex with Rest API

Lydia’s Story – Brovanture Six Years On

Lydia Maksoud – Brovanture consultant, looks back on six years at Brovanture

Loading multi-period row data in Oracle EPM Cloud Data Management

Lydia Maksoud – Brovanture consultant, explains the process for loading multi-period row data in Oracle EPM Cloud Data Management

EPM Automate Migrating large Snapshots using: copysnapshotfrominstance

Sarah Ansell, Brovanture Consultant - Shows how to create a simple script to manage your migration process between environments that works no matter how large your Snapshots grow

Getting Started with REST API’s using Python

Duncan Brock, Brovanture EPM consultant - REST APIs open the door to a whole world of additional programming languages, but the Oracle documentation only scratches the surface of what is possible...

UK government reaffirms commitment to using Oracle with Cloud Memorandum of Understanding

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - Oracle and UK Government agreement is good news for all parties delivering Oracle Cloud Services to UK Government organisations

Connecting to multiple Oracle Cloud Environments

Sarah Ansell, Brovanture Consultant shows you how to save valuable time by creating a Smart View environments short-cut to connect to multiple EPBCS environments

Write Back Budgets from PBCS to Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud

Lydia Maksoud - Brovanture consultant, extends how to integrate Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM with the inside track on writing back plans, budgets and forecasts to ERP

Brovanture Session at ODTUG Kscope19 Highlighted

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - the Brovanture session 'Integrating EPBCS with the Oracle Cloud’ at ODTUG Kscope19 is highlighted by Oracle Ace, Jon Harvey, conference EPM Data Integration Track lead

Brexit – Do you have a plan B, C, D, E, F, G, H…?

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - Dealing with a complex set of scenarios like this and maintaining control, plus really understanding the variables and their implications, is a big task and vitally important right now.