FDMEE Automation – send email notification reports automagically!

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - This is the first of a multi-part series exploring techniques that can be used in an automated data load into PBCS using FDMEE

SharePoint quietly shifts to OneDrive for a week

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - For those unacquainted with OneDrive, it essentially functions as Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox, or similar cloud storage solutions

PBCS Stealth Update – reports won’t prompt for input

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - As we all know, PBCS is being updated all the time. This adaptability is one of PBCS’s greatest strengths but can also be a weakness.

What’s going on with my business rule security?

Mike Falconer, EPM Consultant - All my standard checks came up empty. In desperation I turned to another cheap support trick, creating a user with similar access.