brovanture IFRS 16

Brovanture Ltd Announces UK Partnership with AMANA Consulting GmbH

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - announces the signing of a partnership with AMANA Consulting GmbH to sell, implement and support their IFRS16 and XBRL software solutions in the UK.

Connecting Oracle Cloud EPM Planning to Apex with Rest API: Separating Substitution Variable access by User

Richard Jeffries, Brovanture Consultant – explains out how to apply granular security to your Oracle Cloud EPM Planning application's substitution variables within Apex.
Oracle EPM Cloud Reporting

‘Reports’ – Next Generation Reporting in Oracle Cloud EPM

Cristina Arzuza, Brovanture Consultant - shares with you the capabilities and potential of the new generation reporting tool, 'Reports', in Oracle Cloud EPM.
drill though Oracle EPM Cloud

Oracle Smart View for Office drill-through to Microsoft Excel in Oracle EPM Cloud

Mike Falconer, Brovanture Consultant, highlights a new feature in Oracle EPM Cloud to use Microsoft Excel in Oracle Smart View for Office to directly drill-through to source data.

Connecting Oracle EPM Cloud Planning to Apex with Rest API: POST Substitution Variables ‘Extras’

Richard Jeffries, Brovanture Consultant – completes his series of blogs on how to build the connector between the web source modules and an Oracle Cloud EPM Planning application