Guide to building a Financial Dashboard in FCCS.

Sarah Dow, Brovanture Consultant - creating your own dashboards in FCCS is easy when you know how, with each graph facilitating drill down to explore the data in more detail

FDMEE System Maintenance Tasks: Maintain Setup Data

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant - As well as staging table data, Data Management/FDMEE stores various setup components in SQL tables behind the scenes. There are a number of ‘System Maintenance Tasks’ within data management which can be used to update and maintain these hidden tables.

Moira Jacques Nominated for an Oracle Change Agents of Finance Award

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director Brovanture - Moira Jacques, Commercial Finance Controller at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Distribution Limited is nominated for the Crystal Ball Award in the 2019 Oracle Change Agents of Finance Awards.

Creating an Infolet in Oracle FCCS

Sarah Dow, Brovanture Consultant - Oracle FCCS Infolets are a great way to display key high-level static information this blog explains how to set them up