Anam – My first month at Brovanture

Anam Liaqat
Brovanture Graduate Consultant

As my final year of university began, the pressure to look for a graduate role slowly grew. I spent the first few months researching what kind of opportunity in the consulting industry would best suit my skill set and prepared myself for assessment centres and interviews. Studying for a degree in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics, my options were relatively open, but personally it was important to look for positions that would combine my technical abilities with my passion for consulting.

The search for this type of role is where I discovered Brovanture listed on my university’s careers website. Reading the description of their Finance Graduate role opened up the world of cloud-engineered systems, specifically the Oracle products they sell, implement and support. After speaking to friends and family about becoming an Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management consultant (I highly recommend reaching out to people in the industry), I was inspired to write my cover letter and send off an application to Brovanture.

Thankfully, I received a response and was invited back for a first interview which was scheduled to be in-person at their Guildford office. I mention in-person because after two long years of Covid it was a relief to be finally attending a face-to-face interview. However, despite my excitement to make the two-hour journey from East London, it had snowed the entire week and so I attended online! This meeting was with Shalini and Richard, both of whom have already completed the Brovanture graduate training process, where they introduced me to Brovanture and assessed my proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Looking back, I am extremely grateful that my first interview was led by previous placement students/graduates, as it was a great comfort to discuss what to expect and identify what my future at Brovanture could look like.

The second and final interview was with Marc, Sarah and Lydia. I got to share my enthusiasm for the opportunity and meet more of the team. They spoke to me about the software that I would train in and the projects I could be part of one day. It was incredibly insightful to discuss with them how projects are structured around each client, and how the system can be engineered accordingly.

I was delighted when I received the offer to join Brovanture. I knew that it would be a challenging yet exciting journey and a wonderful career opportunity that would set me apart from my peers.

My first month working at Brovanture has been especially welcoming. I’ve had the opportunity to meet consultants, project managers, the support team and hear about their roles. The environment here is one of constant learning and growth, which has been particularly inspiring for someone who is new to the industry. Richard and Shalini have guided me through the Oracle Cloud EPM Planning product and shown me its multitude of features. My familiarity with Microsoft Excel and coding languages such as Python and HTML have proven to be extremely useful throughout training. The work also requires logical thinking, a degree of quantitative analysis and interest in the financial processes within a company. Apart from the technical side, being able to present and communicate with clients are also important aspects of this role. Overall, my first few weeks here have exceeded expectations and I can’t wait to see what my future at Brovanture holds.

I am planning to share more of my journey to becoming a certified Oracle Cloud EPM consultant which I hope will be helpful to others looking to follow a similar path.

Until next time.


Image by 8photo on Freepik