Brovanture SA Grads

Brovanture Extends its Graduate Training Scheme to South Africa

Kim Kannemeyer
South Africa Country Manager

Since it started Brovanture has, each year, employed new graduates on a specially developed Graduate Training Scheme to train as consultants in the various Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products we implement and support. Previously these graduates have been based in the UK. However, this year we have extended this programme and along with the graduates recruited in the UK we have also appointed two outstanding graduates in South Africa. This furthers our commitment to growing talent internationally and increasing our presence in South Africa.

The process of recruitment was rigorous. We interviewed around 35 candidates, which we battled to shortlist to six. The calibre of talent was exceptionally high, making our choice difficult, but we have chosen two very enthusiastic and driven individuals to join our team.

We are delighted to welcome Mthembeni Soganile and Edzisani Nematoka to the Brovanture team.

Here is what they wanted to say about joining Brovanture:

Mthembeni Soganile

“As I eagerly anticipate joining Brovanture as an Information Technology Graduate in January 2024. I want to express my enthusiasm, particularly regarding the exciting prospect of learning about Oracle Cloud solutions.

I am looking foward to diving into the Oracle Cloud ecosystem, building on the foundation of skills I’ve acquired during my academic journey. The opportunity to work on projects that leverage Oracle Cloud’s advanced features, such as cloud applications, data analysis, and security, is a key driver for my excitement about joining Brovanture. The transformative capabilities of Oracle Cloud applications into optimize business processes, foster innovation, and enhance overall efficiency resonate deeply with my career aspirations.

I believe that a strong body equals a strong mind. I hold the conviction that maintaining physical and mental well-being is vital for professional and personal development. For fun, I not only enjoy going to the gym with my brothers and playing the piano but also actively engage in music production projects with friends. During my free time, I’ve been dedicated to building a music production application of my own, channelling my passion for technology and music into a creative outlet.

I look forward to the extensive training Brovanture provides in Oracle software, furthering my proficiency and contributing meaningfully to the company’s vision. Thank you for this exciting opportunity, and I am eager to embark on this journey with Brovanture”.

Edzisani Nematoka

“I want to work for Brovanture because I want to be part of a workforce that is dynamic, forward thinking and helps their clients to achieve great results. I am attracted to Brovanture’s workplace values, the fact that they support the learning and development of their employees to reach their potential. 

In the coming 12 months, my primary goal is growth and development through collaborating and learning from exceptional professionals at Brovanture and our clients. I possess a genuine passion for the consulting field and strongly believe that my skills align well with this role. This is great opportunity for me as Brovanture is innovative in its approach to business and puts its clients first!

For fun, I play Futsal matches with friends, competing in premier league fantasy football, and dedicating time to watching rugby games with my friends during the weekends.”

Edzisani and Mthembeni join us in mid-January 2024

Everyone at Brovanture is ready to support them and wishes them every success as they embark on this new challenge in their career journey with Brovanture.

Until next time

Kim Kannemeyer