Brovanture Oracle Cloud EPM

Customise Oracle Cloud EPM tooltips using Groovy

Lydia Maksoud, Brovanture Consultant –shows how to use groovy scripting to generate user Oracle Cloud EPM tooltips, depending on the cell being referenced.
Brovanture driver-based planning

Inflation, Stagflation, Recession – there has never been a greater need for driver-based financial planning and analysis

Brovanture MD, Malcolm Brock - discusses the need for driver-based financial planning and analysis
Brovanture Oracle Wallet SSL Certificate

How to Create an Oracle Wallet SSL Certificate Request Containing Subject Alternative Name?

Guillaume Slee, Brovanture Services Director – shares his solution to creating an Oracle wallet SSL Certificate request containing subject alternative name
Brovanture Oracle Hyperion FDMEE

Oracle Hyperion FDMEE Integration to Oracle Cloud Financials with a Web Proxy

Ben Derrick, Brovanture Consultant - Shows how to integrate Oracle Hyperion FDMEE to Oracle Cloud Financials if your web traffic is routed through a proxy.
Brovanture Oracle Hyperion EPM

Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2.8 FDMEE ODI Upgrade Issue

Guillaume Slee, Brovanture Services Director - provides the solution to an issue when upgrading an Oracle Hyperion 11.2.2 EPM environment to version 11.2.8
brovanture Account reconciliation

Finance Automation – Account Reconciliation Offers a Quick and Significant Win

Brovanture MD, Malcolm Brock - highlights the potential for a financial automation quick win with account reconciliation.
connected enterprise planning

Marmite and the Case for Connected Enterprise Planning

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - discusses why connected enterprise planning will be the key to an organisation’s ability to respond to the rate of change expected in 2022 and beyond
brovanture computer application documentation dilemma

Solving the Computer Application Documentation Dilemma

Malcolm Brock, Brovanture MD - discusses the Brovanture solution to the software application ‘documentation dilemma’
brovanture oracle certification

Oracle renews Brovanture expertise Certifications for Oracle Cloud EPM solutions for 2022

Malcolm Brock, Managing Director - announces the renewal of Brovanture's NEW Oracle PartnerNetwork expertise certifications for Oracle Cloud EPM for 2022 for Western Europe
Brovanture OAC

Oracle Analytics Cloud – Using CLI to Automate Starting-Stopping of Instances

Guillaume Slee, Services Director - explains the use of Oracle Command Line Interface to control instances in the new Gen2 Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) architecture