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Oracle Cloud EPM transaction matching tip for period mapping

Sarah Dow
Practice Leader – Financial Close

Oracle Cloud EPM transaction matching tip for period mapping when pulling data from Oracle Fusion ERP

We have recently seen an increase in customers taking advantage of the powerful account reconciliation and transaction mapping tool in Oracle Cloud EPM. During our latest implementation of transaction matching pulling data from Oracle Cloud Fusion ERP it took us a while to figure out why our period mapping wasn’t working and the solution has stuck with me ever since!

I want to share this solution for those of you just starting out on your transaction matching journey in the hope it will save you a heap of time!!

When you are creating the application to pull data from Fusion, the “Dimension Name” for “Fusion Month” should be mapped to the “Generic” Dimension Classification” and “Data Table Column Name” as “UD11” as shown in the below screenshot. This is not the same when creating applications for loading account balances or for Oracle Cloud EPM Consolidation and Close (FCC) where you would normally select the dimension classification as period.

Brovanture Oracle Cloud EPM

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope this was useful!

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