Brovanture Oracle Partner

Why is Brovanture an Oracle EPM Partner?

Malcolm Brock
Managing Director

I get asked this question a lot. Especially as we only sell, implement and provide training and support for Oracle Hyperion and Oracle Cloud EPM solutions.

My answer is simple – the Oracle EPM solutions, both on-premises and Cloud, are the best in the market and why would we want to recommend anything but the best to our clients? This is reinforced virtually on a daily basis when the Brovanture team are able deliver solutions to our clients’ business problems using the excellent flexibility and functionality these solutions provide.

Feedback from our clients also confirms our decision when they praise what the solutions are able to do for them, their ease of use, and the results they get using them. From senior management, occasional users to power users they all agree.

“Partnering with Brovanture to implement Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service has moved our forecasting and planning to a new level of capability and performance that we could not have envisioned or achieved before. This solution has delivered significant business benefits to both Edrington UK and to our customers. We are already planning to roll out further solutions to other areas of our business using Oracle Cloud EPM Planning.”

Moira Jacques, Business Planning Controller, Edrington UK

So, what triggered this blog? Well, when I was going through my emails a couple of weeks ago I came across one from Robert Kugel promoting Ventana Research’s – The Buyers Guide for Business Planning. I took a look and saw what we all like to see, affirmation of our opinions and decisions! Leading the field based on their research is Oracle Cloud EPM Planning.

You can take a look for yourself as the report is available for download free of charge from the Ventana website HERE.

If you want to know more about Oracle Hyperion or Oracle Cloud EPM solutions our team have hundreds of years of experience and we are always happy to have a chat or provide some help if you have an issue. Please make contact by giving us a call on +44 (0)1483 685450, send an email via our website contact form HERE or direct message me via LinkedIn.

Until next time.